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Meet the changing need of business today with innovative mobile technology.

  • Replacing paper forms with customisable mobile forms
  • Reduce administration time and costs
  • Improve employee productivity and compliance
  • Easy to use, intuitive mobile app
  • Work offline when no data coverage


Eliminate paper forms and cumbersome data entry with mobile data capture.

  • Customisable mobile forms
  • A powerful tool for creating mobile survey forms
  • Deploy the custom forms to mobile devices for completion in the field
  • Custom report outputs
  • Schedule delivery of reports via email – daily, weekly, monthly


Send information to and from the office inTime for better decision making.

  • Real-time KPI reports from all contractors in an efficient, consistent way
  • Eliminate double entry of reported data back at the office
  • Ability to view the real-time location of staff in the field
  • Proof of delivery verified with time, date, and location stamps
  • Create detailed, accurate reports in minutes rather than days


  • Ability to schedule and despatch jobs via a simple drag and drop action
  • Ability to view assets, jobs, workers and companies on the map
  • Improve visibility of employees and assets in the field
  • Monitor job progress

Welcome to Overtec

Welcome to Overtec

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Lone Worker Protection

Lone Worker Protection

One of the most comprehensive lone worker
protection services...



Inform is so flexible in deployment it can be used to manage just about any workflow scenario for your staff out in the field.
Inform is currently used by many companies in industries including:

Facilities Management

Provide accurate proof of time and attendance with time-date stamped proof of service delivery. Reports distributed instantly to key stakeholders allows for accurate and immediate actions and reporting. Improve field worker productivity by 30%.


Collect accurate data from manufacturing operators in real-time. Send job information back to the office in real-time and prove compliance with time-date stamped proof of service delivery.


Improve the management, control and compliance of your mobile employees. Used for property checks, guard tours, security audits, risk assessments and incident alerts. Intelligent Patrolling

Property Management

Complete Key Performance Indicator KPI audits, reactive maintenance and cleaning requests. Schedule regular contract management tasks such as void or empty property audit checks, inventory audits and subcontractor performance monitoring.

Event Management

Improve the management, control and compliance of your temporary employees.

Field Services

Capture data on custom built mobile forms, schedule and despatch jobs to workers’ mobile devices and receive real-time reports on job status from the field in real-time. Improving equipment performance by reducing downtime.

Engineering Surveys

Accurately collect data for GIS asset capture, engineering and utility surveys, site inspections, monitoring and installation workflows on your mobile device in real-time.


InForm maintenance management software allows businesses to cater for urgent and recurring jobs, such as reactive maintenance tasks or regular scheduled inspections on assets and equipment.

Compliance Audits

Provide protection for your employees and comply with Health & Safety Legislation with time, date and location stamped reports for proof of compliance.



Get real, actionable insights at your fingertips with mobile technology and reporting.



A flexible solution for any industry with mobile or field workers, Overtec provides solutions for Field Service, Facilities Management, Transport, Engineering, Utilities, Healthcare and Property Management.



InForm online management application streamlines operations, providing detailed data and real-time reports for improved business insight and decision making.



Powerful and flexible APIs let you connect with existing IT systems such as CRM, HR, ERP and Finance systems. Seamlessly share data and add a mobility plugin to your existing strategy.



InForm enables real-time reporting and analysis of data captured accurately in the field. Field activity is time, date and location stamped for verification, which provides accurate proof of attendance, delivery and compliance.



InForm is used by companies in many industries to increase productivity, reduce costs, enhance visibility of field workers & assets, and improve business processes to gain a competitive edge.



InForm is an ‘off-the-shelf’, yet highly configurable, web &mobile application for creating and dispatching mobile forms, capturing data in the field, and receiving accurate reports from the field in real time.



With InForm, staff can work smarter and faster with standardised job instructions and real-time job status reports sent back to the office, keeping them connected with the business and improving productivity.



InForm can be used to optimise business processes that are at the heart of service delivery and therefore form the backbone of efficient service management.


Overtec has given us a complete end to end solution from capturing data on the ground, to processing and reporting. Not only do we now have a greater visibility of internal orders across our sites, but our customers feel more connected to us.

Gemma French

Not only do we now have a greater visibility of internal orders across our sites, but our customers feel more connected to us.

Paul Davies

The Overtec system has streamlined our business and has been a real benefit to us and our clients Scofell Landscapes Ltd

Ben Shand Operations Director, Scofell Landscapes

Latest News


As highlighted by the HSE and in the current Manchester Arena enquiry a comprehensive security regime requires an effective 'closed loop' management system to help identify problem areas, decide on appropriate actions, act on them and check that the steps have been effective and have actually been carried out.


Overtec accepted as a member of BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries)

After many years of providing Overtec InForm Mobile Data Capture solution to many Landscapers and Gardeners both large and small, Overtec have been accepted as a member of BALI (British Association of Landscape Industries).


Improves cleaning efficiency and avoids 'Slips & Trips' claims

Axis Cleaning and Support Services has introduced 'InForm' to its cleaning teams working in retail environments, specifically designed to address slip & trip incidents and claims.


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