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Overtec' 'InForm' Mobile Data Capture & Workforce Management Application transforms Smart mobile phones into Mobile Data Capture (MDC) devices, improving productivity, data capture (job sheets, forms, certificates, photos, NFC tags etc).


It turns a Smart phone into the most valuable 'tool in the box'


Your Smart phones still function as normal mobiles, you are simply utilising and taking advantage of their technological capabilities to become more efficient and profitable.

Being in control of your business is fundamental to success, and with Overtec 'InForm' provision of real time information control is made easy.


Overtec 'InForm' enables any size of business to save time and money in an effective and affordable manner that was previously cost prohibitive.


All data from; job sheets, certificates, photographs, signatures, location, NFC tags etc is captured and summitted in real time, securely, through web based cloud technology to your office.


You can even allow limited client access if required.


With a simple per user per month cost with no minimum monthly fee the Overtec solution allows your business to benefit from Pay As You Use (PAYU) ensuring time and cost saving efficiencies immediately.


The solution gives total visibility over workforces in real time, whilst providing real time job status and completion.


Essentially, it makes it easier for workers to report, for managers to manage, businesses to excel in customer service and become more compliant.


The management of productivity and employee performance is KEY to any successful business.


Probably the most difficult daily task for any business is to make sure their field based employees are in the right place at the right time and doing their most to ensure maximum efficiency in working hours.


'InForm' Mobile Data Capture (MDC) from Overtec® allows any business in any industry to capture data using its existing iOS and Android devices. This eliminates the need for any expensive investment in new hardware.

 It also allows companies to embrace current trends of allowing users to 'Bring Their Own Device' (BYOD) to work.


InForm offers all organisations a scalable, cost-effective solution to quickly design, build and deploy a cross-platform mobile data capture solution to their employees with minimal IT expertise. It allows users to build and amend forms using simple and advanced formulae that can perform calculations and data validation within the form.

Reports can be tailored to look like existing company reports including logos and colour schemes or can be made to replicate industry standard designs and layouts.


As the system has fully open API structure, reports can also be made to integrate into existing back office systems and can be designed to alert automatically when they are completed.

It even has a full 'Internet of Things' (IOT) Interface


You can even create, schedule and despatch jobs for your employees

Feature & Benefits

Performance and Efficiency

Removes paperwork generation and collection. Speeds up and improves job allocation. Reduces costs and allows employees to be more productive whilst improving workflow

Employee Management

Allows employees to operate in a safer environment, also notifies arrival and departure times and records time spent and job completion

Customer Satisfaction

Improved customer service and reduces time between service - delivery - invoice and payment. Also interfaces with users own systems and provides real time notificationd

Job scheduling and despatch

Automates and validates timesheets, creates job schedule and identifies nearest resource

Uses your existing Smart phones

How does it work?

Overtec 'InForm' Mobile Data Capture allows you to create your own electronic data capture forms for use on your mobile device enabling accurate real time reporting.

The technology

  • Captures data through existing iOS and Android devices
  • 'Cloud' based solution
  • Incorporates Barcode, NFC, QR code scanning, Geo Tagging, Signature and Photo capture technology
  • Reports can integrate with existing CRM or back office systems
  • Mobile users can be added and removed in real-time
  • Extremely secure and resilient data storage

Management information

  • Turns information in to manageable reports
  • Reports can be tailored to look like existing company reports
  • Reports can be made to replicate industry standard designs and layouts
  • Provides proof of delivery
  • Automatically distributes information to all relevant parties

Used by

  • Landscapers & Gardeners
  • Gas & Electrical contractors
  • Healthcare workers
  • Transport and Distribution
  • Health and Safety professionals
  • Field Sales staff
  • Utilities and Telecoms
  • Facilities Management and Construction

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The solution can be used for Job Scheduling and Despatch. You can create and schedule jobs for your employees. Assigning a job is as easy as dragging and dropping the job on to the employee. Once you are happy with the schedule click on despatch to send the job details to the worker's mobile device.
The solution allows users to build and amend forms using both simple and advanced formula that can perform calculations and data validation within the form. No programming knowledge is required.
The solution is very easy to tailor to suit users needs and by the user if required.
The data storage is extremely secure and the service has first class resilience and redundancy as it is hosted on Amazon AWS
There are small set up fees for use of the standard solution and forms.
The solution has fully published API's and can be adapted to bi laterally interface with users other systems.
There is an optional cost effective service for the creation of forms, reports and integration with existing CRM or back office systems for those who wish to have this work done for them.
Forms can still be completed on the device without access to the cloud, enabling the service still to be used in extremely remote environments. The solution synchronises automatically when back in coverage.
InForm can Geo tag the user's location if required.
InForm has a very comprehensive asset management and reporting package and can be used to remind and record both adhoc and pre planned maintenance.
Yes and they can also be annotated.