Improves cleaning efficiency and avoids 'Slips & Trips' claims

Improves cleaning efficiency and avoids 'Slips & Trips' claims

Axis Cleaning and Support Services has introduced 'InForm' to its cleaning teams working in retail environments, specifically designed to address slip & trip incidents and claims.

InForm®' provided by Overtec, tracks and reports on all cleaning activities on site, improving cleaning efficiencies and ensuring that in the event of an accident all necessary information is available immediately.

This helps ensure that Axis can easily comply with the Ministry of Justice reforms introduced in August 2013.

It works by having NFC (Near Field Communication) tags placed along specified cleaning routes, which communicate with mobile devices carried by cleaners, recording activity, dates, times and identifying the employee.

When spillages are identified the software prompts the cleaner to confirm when all required tasks are complete and to take 'before and after' photos detailing exactly how the spillage has been dealt with.

The area is left in a safe condition and an electronic report is automatically generated.

"Not only does it increase efficiencies and help to ensure the correct procedures are always undertaken, its ability to report on activity gives clients immediate and invaluable assistance with claims, compliance and overall, the reduction of their insurance policies," says Ray Robertson of Axis Cleaning and Support Services.