Robust network of ARCs

Monitoring services are provided by a network of Alarm Receiving Centres that are among the most advanced and robust in the UK. All are accredited to BS5979 category II, the highest British Standard for ARCs.

Features include 24/7 operator response to emergency situations, the ability to access the police faster than the general public dialling 999 and dual network/direct to network links for high security applications.

  • BS5979 Category II accredited
  • BS7858:2006 vetted personnel
  • BS EN ISO 9001:2000 quality system
  • ACPO Security Systems Policy compliant
  • Investors in People
  • IT system accredited to process RESTRICTED data
  • Secure ordering and management via PNN3 (police only)
  • Registered with the Information Commissioner
  • Data Protection Act 1998 compliant
  • Information security management system to ISO 27001

Alarm Monitoring first


Not only do we monitor and respond to intruder alarm signals but we oversee the entire system. From monitoring technical faults, mains electrical supply failures to recording building activity and usage.

You will know when and how and by whom your building is being operated, when it opens and closes and any unauthorised use of fire doors

Turns your alarm system into a management information system allowing you to supervise the time of entry, exit and duration on site of cleaning and maintenance contractors enabling you to reconcile their charges.


You need to be confident that your fire detection system is working at all times. In addition to monitoring fire signals, we are able to remotely supervise the system status ensuring that faults are automatically reported to your maintenance contractor to ensure continuity of fire protection and staff safety. To assist you with compliance, all scheduled fire alarm tests are recorded.


From personal attack alarms ied ranges of lone worker protection for staff at risk of abuse, violent attacks and misadventure. Services are all BS8484 accredited and accessed by dedicated devices or installed remotely onto virtually any mobile phone or PDA.

Plant & Process

Business critical processes and plant are continually monitored enabling you to identify and rectify any failures and minimising costly business interruption.


Monitoring the operation of your lifts to identify impending failures and providing the opportunity to carry out preventative maintenance. In the event of breakdown, alerts can be handled and passengers reassured that help is on its way and updated with progress


We monitor temperature critical environments, cold stores, server rooms, where extreme conditions can lead to catastrophic failure.


Remote video monitoring often provides a more cost-effective solution than manned guarding. National Monitoring are specialists in both detector activated and public space CCTV

Rapid Deployment Alarm Service

Alarms created for crime-fighting

The Rapid Deployment Alarm Service provides temporary alarm solutions that differ radically from the temporary alarms generally used in social housing applications and for looking after the elderly.

The service is specifically designed to exacting Police and National Monitoring specifications, to provide the highest level of security, protection and reliabilty and to minimise false alarms

Wire-free systems

Wire-free technology is used to ensure neat, rapid, safe and unobtrusive installations. There are no loose wires or cables under carpets eliminating trip and fire hazards.

Uniquely, and where the highest security is necessary, alarms communicate via Orange and Vodafone, our partner networks. By intelligently monitoring the status of these GSM networks, the most secure route is automatically selected for the fastest response.

Significant investment in fixed communication links direct to both networks ensures fast, reliable and resilient alarm transmission and considerably reducing signalling delays caused by network congestion at New Year and other peak times.

Alarms, GSM signal strength, mains supply status, low battery and tampering are all communicated and monitored 24/7.

Resilient 24/7 service

National Monitoring operates from its own network of secure Alarm Receiving Centres.

Levels of resilience far exceed British Standard 5979 Category II - the highest security category for Alarm Receiving Centres. All equipment is replicated, including communication systems, and multiple communication service providers are used to ensure continuity of service