24/7 operator response to emergencies

  • One of the most comprehensive lone worker protection services
  • 24/7 control team support
  • Accessed via virtually any mobile phone or dedicated telecoms device
  • Designed to meet health and safety requirements
  • Goes beyond BS8484

Useful for: staff working remotely or alone and at risk from accidents or violence because of where they are or what they do.

A network of Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs)

Overtec operates through an independent network of Alarm Receiving Centres based in the North of England and Scotland. Through their BS5979 category II accreditation, the centres guarantee robust security and business continuity for lone worker protection clients.

Users receive a 24/7 response service from teams of controllers equipped with sophisticated technologies.

If the police need to be summoned to assist users in trouble, then direct links with police forces across the UK, enabled by the ARCs' outstanding record, mean faster access to the emergency services than by dialling 999.

During the incident, audio recordings will automatically be made that are available to customers for use in court proceedings and reports.

ARC accreditations:

  • Personnel vetted in accordance with the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 and BS7858
  • Secured by Design, a police preferred specification
  • Business processes audited to ISO9001:2008
  • BS8484 accredited, the code of practice for lone worker devices and service
  • BS5979 category II accredited to future proof police response and to ensure business continuity
  • All of standards independently verified by the NSI or SSAIB

Feature & Benefits

Provides extra peace of mind

With Overtec you get to deal directly with people who have years of experience protecting lone workers and providing the right help on the other end of the line 24/7.

Easy to use

Raising the alarm is made easy. If the going gets tough staff can use a regular safety check function either temporarily or permanently.

Legal duty of care

As well as demonstrating duty of care, Overtec provides audit trails of lone worker alarm activations and incident recordings that can be used to demonstrate health and safety good practice.

Low cost

Overtec Lone Worker Protection is available on virtually any mobile handset. That keeps costs down because no additional mobile equipment or line rental is required. (Handsets can be bought if required.)


Overtec satisfies the legislative requirement for lone workers, the two main documents being: Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 Both they and the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 require that employers provide a duty of care for employees. Failure to do so can result in heavy fines and, under Health & Safety law, or imprisonment.

Overtec Lone Worker Protection Devices

Purposed designed devices for lone workers

Smartcare GPS - a GPS 3-button speed dialer for SOS supportID care

Smartcare GPS is a straightforward, cost-effective mobile phone and safety device in one. It enables users to maintain contact with up to 3 nominated contacts using preset speed dials and provides the capacity to call discreetly for immediate assistance. With its limited dialling capacities, Smartcare GPS minimises the costs normally associated with mobile phones, while providing a highly effective means of monitoring the individuals' personal safety. Typically, the device would be set to link to Overtec control rooms for SOS support 

See Overtec Communicare for more information   read more

Identicare - the ID card holder come panic alarmID Care

Identicare is a safety device designed specifically to help lone workers. Modelled to look and feel like a normal ID card-holder, the device in fact contains discreet mobile phone and location monitoring technology. Identicare offers a reliable and instant Duress facility supported by sophisticated time-at-risk monitoring. It can be worn either in landscape or portrait mode on a lanyard with a rip release or on a lapel clip. Typically, the device would be set to link to Overtec control rooms for SOS support - see Identicare

Qlinq - a GPS mobile phone with mandown functionalityQ Link

The Qlinq is an award winning all-in-one discreet safety solution for indoors and outdoors risk applications. It is particularly suitable where carrying two devices is not desirable as it also functions as a mobile phone. The handset has integrated man-down facilities, dedicated DURESS buttons and GPS technology that provides accurate device location to within 5 metres.

Two SOS buttons, when pressed simultaneously, connect the device to the Alarm Receiving Centre for incident management and sophisticated sensors alert on impact to any man-down scenario.

The Qlinq contains integrated GPS technology that provides device location to within 5 metres in the event of any incident requiring assistance. In addition, Geo-fence technology can be configured to alert the service when entering or leaving identified risk zones or to provide regular updates to a pre-agreed location monitoring schedule.

Qlinq is fully integrated to our ARCs and provides two way streaming audio in the event of any major incident thus enabling ARC operators to communicate directly with the end user if required.

The device is also fully compatible with our Internet administration service, providing full control of its configuration settings and allocation of the device to associated end users.

BlackBerry & Windows Mobile Applications - Getting the most from you existing handsets

With a GPS equipped BlackBerry® or Android Smart mobile devices, any 'at risk' lone worker can maintain contact with a response team.

At any given time, the worker is able to update an Alarm Receivng Centre with data relating to their personal safety. If immediate assistance is needed, this can be summoned by pressing the assigned 'DURESS' button on the mobile device.

Key communication functions incorporating fail-safes are monitored both on and off device (exceeding the minimum requirements of BS8484) to ensure contact with the worker throughout the working shift.