Compatible with any Mobile

Overtec Communicare is one of the most popular lone worker protection services in the UK. Currently it protects 35,000 staff who work in a broad spectrum of industries ranging from NHS midwives to local authority social workers, bailiffs, field engineers and TV licence inspectors.

Staff can either use their existing mobiles phones to access the service, keeping costs down, or Overtec can supply them with mobile devices.

If they feel at risk, they can request time-based reminders which they must respond to in order to signal all is well. If they fail to respond, controllers at the alarm receiving centre will follow up.  If in jeopardy, pressing a single button on mobiles issues initiates a Duress signal that opens up a voice channel enabling controllers at ARC to listen in.  If required the controllers will go on to implement an agreed management procedure involving locating where the call is being made and summoning the Police using existing links with the emegency service for swift responses.  Sophisticated voice recording ensures that every incident is captured and can be produced as evidence in legal proceedings if required.

Single-button operation

User-friendly and intuitive Duress and risk monitoring facilities
Meets employer's duty of care and complies with Health and Safety legislation

Green Risk

Confirms employee safety at the end of a workday

Amber Risk

Employees can dynamically manage their daily risk activities

Red Risk

Failure to confirm safety in Green or Amber modes automatically initiates an agreed escalation plan


Enables employees to summon immediate assistance

Integrated location services and mapping

Monitors the whereabouts of workers at any time and provides accurate location information for incident response

Mobile phone compatible

No need for additional equipment outlay

Bespoke lone worker device compatible

Instead of above, you can choose the most appropriate device for lone working application and risks

Comprehensive incident management

Enables others to listen in, assess and summon appropriate localised assistance

Management reports

Highlights training issues, demonstrates compliance to lone worker health and safety legislation and shows activity.

Incident recordings

Recordings made of all incidents can be used in legal proceedings


GSM and GPS devices, mobile phones, BlackBerry®, Windows Mobile devices, ruggedised phones and bespoke lone worker devices.