With the cost of operating a mobile workforce under constant scrutiny, companies are looking for a fresh and realistic approach to managing safely the efficiency of their drivers and their vehicles. In addition, compliance with the recent Corporate Manslaughter act is becoming a hot topic as organisations are alerted to the full extent of their responsibilities under the "Duty of Care", as is fulfilling HSE driving at work requirements.

What Driver Behaviour Monitoring provides

  • A sustainable solution to the complex challenges that face modern organisations in these uncertain times
  • A coherent solution that embraces leading edge technology and the very latest understanding in driver psychology
  • A solution that not only recognises the importance of user / driver acceptance, but actually actively encourages participation by reward

Can improve the organisation's green credentials

  • Can lower C02 emissions
  • Detects inefficient running faults early
  • Can reduce idling time
  • Encourages more efficient driving and journey plans


Feature & Benefits

Vehicle Faults

The Highlighting of potential vehicle faults before they become costly failures

Easy business

Private mileage recording and congestion charging zone alerts

Cost Reduction

10% reduction on your fleet insurance premium & a minimum of 15% reduction in fuel usage

Incident Recording

Incident recording that allows better defence of fraudulent or excessive Third Party claims against your driver, reduced accident rates and improves vehicle / driver security

What's in it for the driver?

  • An easily administered system that rewards good driving
  • A cloak function for not at work use, private journeys are just that
  • Improved safety. Work related driving is one of the most dangerous activities
  • Easy business and private mileage returns, no more paperwork at month end
  • Family and friends can track your journey, reducing calls while driving
  • Peace of mind when other family members use the vehicle
  • Full accident support, industry experts with leading VOR time
  • Liability assessment in the event of an accident that can reduce claims against you


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, It is a 'non intrusive' system that does not infringe vehicle warranty
Tests in the field have shown around 22%, so it is realistic to expect between 10 and 15%. There are at least 3 insurance companies that will give discounts on fleet insurance for businesses who implement Driver Dynamics. Vehicles driven carefully will also show marked reductions in vehicle maintenance costs.
No, Overtec Driver Dynamics is a web hosted service; the device is installed in the vehicle free of charge, no software, airtime or capital expenditure is needed and it can be introduced quickly and simply without fuss.
Overtec Driver Dynamics is backed up by a 24/7 dedicated customer service team.
Overtec Driver Dynamics is fully scalable service, its modular design enabling it to serve from 10 to 50000+ users.
Yes. Flexible routing, multiple back up systems and fully resilient environment provide unrivalled service stability.
Vehicle maintenance costs should reduce and Driver Dynamics helps businesses comply with their duty of care requirements and improves driver safety.
The system was developed by Overtec and the Fleet Management Group with assistance from both Loughborough and Cranfield Universities. The solution has been exhaustively tested at MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association). The key development teams are active members of PACTS (Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety).
Records every 20 milliseconds and transmits every 2 minutes.
No, all airtime is included in the price.
All updates to firmware are free of charge over the air.