Paper free Mobile Data Capture and Reporting

Paper free Mobile Data Capture and Reporting

InForm allows any business in any industry to capture data using its existing iOS, Android mobile devices (BlackBerry 10® coming shortly). This eliminates the need for any expensive investment in new hardware. It also allows companies to embrace current trends of allowing users to 'Bring Their Own Device' (BYOD) to work.

LATEST RELEASE: THE Mobile Application for Gas Safe Registered Engineers & Plumbers - including Gas Safety Certificates & Affordable Warmth Forms is now available.

Because the solution is a 'Cloud' based and Pay As You Use (PAYU) there are no upfront, hosting or ongoing licensing costs for the use of standard forms ensuring that users can benefit from cost saving efficiencies immediately.

InForm offers all organisations a scalable, cost-effective solution to quickly design, build and deploy a cross-platform mobile data capture solution to their employees with minimal IT expertise. It allows users to build and amend forms using simple and advanced formulae that can perform calculations and data validation within the form.

Reports can be tailored to look like existing company reports including logos and colour schemes or can be made to replicate industry standard designs and layouts. Reports can also be made to integrate into existing CRM and or back office systems and can be designed to alert automatically when they are completed. You can also create and schedule jobs for your employees.

How does it work?

Mobile Data Capture allows you to create your own electronic data capture forms for use on your mobile device enabling accurate real time reporting.

The Technology

  • Captures data through existing iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10®
  • 'Cloud' based solution
  • Incorporates Barcode, NFC, QR code scanning, Geo Tagging, Signature and Photo capture technology
  • Reports can integrate with existing CRM or back office systems
  • Mobile users can be added and removed in real-time
  • Extremely secure and resilient data storage

Management information

  • Turns information in to manageable reports
  • Reports can be tailored to look like existing company reports
  • Reports can be made to replicate industry standard designs and layouts
  • Provides proof of delivery
  • Automatically distributes information to all relevant parties

Used By

  • Gas Engineers & Plumbers
  • Electrical contractors
  • Healthcare workers
  • Transport and Distribution
  • Health and Safety professionals
  • Field Sales staff
  • Utilities and Telecoms
  • Facilities Management and Construction

BS8484 lone worker protection options are available with 24/7 operator response from BS5979 category II alarm receiving centres based in the UK.